Sunday, June 5, 2011

Important Announcement and Apologies

Hi girls!

First of all we would like to apologize for "MIA-ing"! We would like to inform all of you urgently, that our corresponding email AND this blog has been hacked and we have not been able to retrieve your emails! :(
However, we already managed to get back the email. (Thank goodness!)
I believe there are a number of you who made some orders, some paid, but have yet to receive.
You are entitled for FULL refund immediately, as we are ceasing orders at the moment.

Just send an email titled: REFUND and state your name, account number, email, contact number, and amount. Lists of names who have paid, but yet to receive refunds are with me, however, I will be needing your contact details. Email:

In the meantime, we will be on a break as we try to improve our product quality and the like, to serve you better.
Don't remove us from your bookmark list yet! We will be back soon!

Thanks and apologies for the convenience!
World of Shoes

1 comment:

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